Pricing Your Home

If you are wondering what the best price obtainable for your property is, please consider the following:

It is important to recognize the difference between the factors that do affect your property’s value and those that do not affect your property's value.

Factors that do not affect your property's value:

  • what you paid when you bought (or built) your house
  • the cash proceeds you want or need from the sale
  • what we (or other Real Estate Professional's) say your property is worth

Factors that do affect your property's value:

  • location
  • size of home & lot
  • style & layout
  • age, condition, upkeep & renovations
  • community amenities
  • financing options & conditions
  • number of Buyers

Buyers dictate the best price obtainable for your property: Buyers will engage in comparison shopping and will not pay more for one property than he or she would have to pay for a similar property.

A "Comparative Market Analysis" (CMA) details what Buyers are willing to pay in today's market. It is made up of the data from recent sales, expired listings, current listings & additional current market conditions.

Recent Sales - Demonstrates what Buyers have actually paid recently for similar properties.

Expired Listings - Shows what Buyers have not been willing to pay under current market conditions.

Current Listings - Focuses on other properties which are now competing for Buyers' attention.